About Us

Welcome to Slipstop’s safe and colorful world! Not only the kids, but also the parents will take happy, safe and stylish steps with Slipstop on the beach, at the pool and in so many other places…

Having been introduced in 2014 with the slogan “An end to hot sand and slippery surfaces”, Slipstop has quickly turned into a sensation among kids with its vibrant colors and pretty patterns. Seeing the comfort of their kids and the fun they are having, parents started inquiring about sizes for adults and models for mothers and fathers took their place on the stands in select stores. Beaches and pools are now fun and safe for parents too!

Slipstop products are manufactured in Turkey and are patented by the Turkish Patent Institute. Our products are uniquely positioned in the market in terms of their design and technological features.

About The Product

Some of the common concerns of parents while their kids are on the beach or at the pool are the risk of slipping and falling, their kids’ feet burning on hot sand and stepping on objects that may hurt their feet. We now have Slipstop so that your kids can have fun safely.

Some of the features of our Slipstop products are as follows:

  • Multi-purpose: can be used in a variety of places and occasions indoors and outdoors such as pool, sea, beach, boat, surf board, kindergarten, playground, gym, pilates & yoga, home, bathroom.
  • Protects your feet from hot sand on the beach and helps reduce the risk of slipping on wet and slippery floors thanks to its firm-grip soles(*).
  • Light, flexible and comfortable.
  • Easy to wear and take off like a sock.
  • Breathable fabric that dries quickly.
  • Can be used while swimming in the pool or in the sea.

Slipstop’s sizes range between 18-35 for kids and between 35-43 for adults (EUR sizes). Due to its flexible design, Slipstop will fit to feet that are 1-2 sizes bigger.

(*)IMPORTANT: *Slipstop helps reduce the risk of slipping on wet and slippery floors compared to barefoots. Please note that there is always a risk of slipping and falling. Please act sensibly while wearing your Slipstops.